Gulf Coast Connection

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ryan B | Long Beach Highschool, Long Beach MI

Hi everyone!

My name is Ryan B, and I am the owner of the Gulf Coast Connection website.

I lived in Longbeach, Mississippi until right before Hurricane Katrina hit. My family left right before the storm came through, and a good thing too! When we returned, our house was simply a four-walled shell; the ceiling had collapsed.

I went to Long Beach Highschool.

Now I am living in Central Kentucky. I can be contacted by any of my friends by simply emailing!


How This Site Works

The Gulf Coast Connection is basically a way for teens displaced by Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Rita to connect with their friends. It's very simple:

Each person who wants to be found or to find others can send an email to The email should include:

1. Your name

2. The city that you lived in before Katrina hit

3. The school that you attended

If you like, you can send a picture in the email so that others can identify you more readily. This, however, is optional, as many would (for obvious reasons) not like to have their photo plastered across the World Wide Web.

It is mandatory that an alternate email address be included if you do not want to be emailed at the account by which you contacted us. Otherwise, there is no way for your friends to contact you!

Please limit personal profiles to 200 words or less. No one enjoys sifting through miles and miles of information! Emails not in compliance with this limitation will be drastically edited. Another thing that will cause us to edit profiles is profanity or inappropriate content. As a fundamentally Christian group, you can rest assured that we will not post any sexually oriented or otherwise crude/lewd information.

Also, please put your most identifying information at the beginning of your profile so that it will show up on the Google search engine we use. This way, multiple entries with the same name can be easily separated out.

We reserve the right to control all aspects of this website.

Thank you so much. God bless you, and God bless the thousands who are actively involved in the Katrina relief effort.

In Him,

David S. MacMillan III
Co-founder and web designer for the Gulf Coast Connection
Author of
In Rejection of Mediocrity